Backspace Group

Pay Per Click

Targeting the Right Audience with Smart Pay Per Click Advertising

Often, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a more suitable search engine marketing method than search engine optimization. If that is the case (contact us to find out), we will provide you effective PPC campaigns to help you find potential customers online.

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Competitor research 
  • Compelling ads
  • Persuasive landing pages
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ad content optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Meta details creation for landing pages

Professional, Continuous PPC Management 

PPC is not a one-off ‘task’ or ‘move’. Successful PPC campaigns are those that are conceived and managed professionally and continuously. That is what our PPC experts do at BackSpaceGroup. Managing PPC is often a full-time job, something quite difficult for you to manage you your own.

With BackSpaceGroup on your side, you can leave the technicalities to us and focus on your main business. Whether it is evaluating your keyword targeting or optimizing ads, you can count on our PPC experts to do what it takes to reach potential customers.

Affordable PPC, that is also Effective

Pay Per Click has the potential to waste considerable time and money. You may target the wrong keywords, or if you have the right keywords you may create landing pages that don’t convert visitors. With BackSpaceGroup, every aspect of your PPC campaign is carefully considered.

We complement our affordable PPC prices with effective keyword selection, compelling ads and persuasive landing pages. The result – you get the most out your clicks, which is what PPC is all about.

Target Your Local Market and Niches

Good PPC can quickly give you control over your target market. Our PPC experts help you quickly take the lead in your niche. Think about your potential customers. There are a lot of companies vying for their attention. With our PPC, you can beat your competitors to it.