Backspace Group

Social Media Optimization

The Power of Social, In Your Business 

At BackSpaceGroup we insist that our clients use social media optimization (SMO). This is essentially generating awareness and publicity for your website and/or business by using social media platforms and communities. Smart entrepreneurs and businesses owners who care about their online presence don’t pass up this opportunity to use SMO.

  • Social media integration into your website
  • Facebook page customization
  • Twitter background customization
  • YouTube channel customization
  • Google+ page customization
  • Widget strategy development
  • Viral marketing
  • Engaging target audience with special offers

Winning Social Media Strategies

The social media experts at BackSpaceGroup routinely use the most effective social media strategies. These include:

  • Widgets and badges
  • Content sharing
  • Social sign-in
  • Social commenting

It’s easy to get lost in the details of each; rest assured that our SMO team doesn’t let you get bogged down by the technicalities. We will keep you informed about how we are using social media optimizing to grow your business, in simple English.

Making Your Content Easily Sharable

You already know how much people (including your customers) like to share stuff over social media. With our social media optimization efforts, more people will be sharing your content. We make it easy for people to come across your brand online, and then make it easy to share it through social media. This boosts your brand awareness, and counts towards building stronger brand loyalty. The goal is to drive as much traffic as possible to your site, and wherever your brand exists online.

Our social media optimization plans are cost-effective, and effective. They translate into more clients, higher sales, and a sharper competitive edge that makes your brand one of the more recognizable ones out there. Contact our SMO experts to see how we can help you.